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I've officially begun a new training regimen for what will be my third half marathon at the Columbus Marathon in October. If you remember, I ran my second half at Ankor Wat in December with little to no preparation. This time around, I'm trying to do good by my body and gradually work my way into proper condition with a 12-week training plan.

Now, I'm a pretty active person. I frequent the gym, do yoga and love doing physical activities like dancing, biking and hiking, but getting back into disciplined running is tough! The tight muscles, the cramps, the difficulty breathing. Ever since a few years ago, when I came down with an case of acute bronchitis, my lung capacity just hasn't been the same. But I'm starting slow, conquering the 2- to 3-milers and eventually working my way up to 13 miles.

Of course, I pick the week to start training when it actually begins to feel like summer in Ohio. The humidity has risen and temperatures are nearing 90 degrees instead of the pleasant 75-degree weather that has graced us this month.

On this morning's run, however, I got lucky and found $16 on the ground! Now if that's not motivation to pound the pavement, I don't know what is.

If anyone in the Columbus area is looking for a training buddy or wants to meet up at the marathon in October, give me a holler!

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KBrock said...

Found $16! That's worth the run for sure!