Take Me Home Country Road

Don't you love how the outdoors clears your head and elevates your mood? This weekend some college chums and I roadtripped east, West Virginia bound, for a weekend of camping, hiking and white water rafting at the New River Gorge. All of us 20-somethings have felt reasons to feel discontented lately, but we all agreed, the perfection of a weekend in nature left us feeling blissful. Nothing soothes the soul like the smell of campfires, the sound of rushing rapids, the warmth of sun on your cheeks, the sight of endless tree-filled hills and the presence of dear friends.

How did you spend your beautiful weekend?


alison said...

sounds like a good trip! I spent the weekend planting native vegetation in a local conservation area. Fun but very hot!

Unknown said...

sounds like a great outdoor weekend!


KBrock said...

Ooh, camping sounds fun. I spent my weekend biking around Chicago, watching the Air and Water show, and packing to go to South Dakota.