Song of the Moment

Lately, I've been obsessed with Australian singer/songwriter Lenka and this song is playing on loop in my head. I guess you could call it my life's anthem at the moment. Her lyrics are simple and sweet, plus I wish I could emulate her funky retro style.

Who is topping your iTunes players this week?


Emily said...

I found this one and fell in love with it today. (Sorry, it's on youtube, but there's no video--just the song.)


Rachael said...

Thanks Em! Love the song! (Do you have songs I can borrow?)

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

I liked the song, but I loved the puppet birds and veggies.

Barlowgirl is always most played on my iPod.

margosita said...

Hey Rachel, I just found your blog and have now just discovered Lenka. How lucky! Two great discoveries for me!

I just wanted to say thanks and I'll be browsing through the blog. :)