City Under Stress

Cityscape, originally uploaded by JMC - PHOTO.

Ohio is one frazzled state. In Forbes' recent ranking of America's most stressful cities - based on everything from the unemployment rate to the number of sunny days - this state's urban trifecta is a bit under the weather. Cleveland ranks high as the 4th most burdened burg, while Cincinnati comes in 19th and Columbus a bit lower at 31.

It seems we Ohioans need to work hard to keep our blood-pressure levels at a minimum? Here are my favorite ways to tackle tension:

  • Go for a run
  • Take a bubble bath with soft tunes in the background
  • Dance dance dance to loud country music
  • Call my best friend :)
  • Play with new hairstyles
  • Organize my bedroom
  • Try a new recipe, like these cinnamon rolls I've been waiting to try!
  • Veg in front of the TV with sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother
  • Treat myself to a coffee
  • Curl up in my PJs

What do you do when you're stressed out?

Photo courtesy JMC-PHOTO


KBrock said...

I just saw a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother...it's good! Friends is my default curl up in front of the tv show.

Crys said...

You could be living in Detroit. :) That's horrific. Trust me.