Countdown to Kentucky: 5 Days

Is it possible to miss the city you haven't left yet? I'm so excited to move and dive into "grown-up" life, but I'm already homesick for Columbus. It's hard to think that I might never live here again - the place I've called home for 22+ years. I LOVE it here and this is why:
  • Driving on 670 past the Wonderbread factory in the evening smells like fresh-baked yumminess.
  • Scarlet is my favorite color and the streets are flooded with it on game day Saturdays.
  • Fun murals hide on brick walls in the Short North.
  • German Village has the best tasting cream puffs.
  • You can't get lost as long as you can find 270.
  • Seeing a show - especially the Nutcracker - at the beautiful and historical Ohio Theater always feels special.
  • No zoo in the nation compares to Jack Hannah's zoo.
  • Festival season. Hands down.
  • You can order tea to accompany your popcorn and film at the Drexel Theater.
  • Cows reside on a farm 5 minutes from downtown.
  • I will always see the skyline through 10-year-old eyes and imagine that Godzilla took a huge bite out of the Huntington Building.
Not to mention this city hold some of my favorite memories. Sledding down the hill at Hoover Reservoir on a snow day. Getting lost with my girlfriends while trying to find our favorite bubble tea shop. The Saturday special with Mom. The spots where I let my car run out of gas - yes, more than once. This city is lovely because it's familiar and it's familiar because it's lovely.

Ah, nostalgia. It always gets the best of me.

Photo courtesy Eric Shinn.


KBrock said...

Yes, you can miss a city you haven't left yet. But, you can make any city home. At least for a little while. If I've learned nothing else the past year, it's that you can make the best of any place you're in and most cities in the U.S. are pretty much the same. Time to make new memories!

Crys said...

Life is far too short to spend it in one place. :) At least that's been my experience. Expanding your wings it such an adventure and life growing experience. And yes, you can miss a city you haven't left yet. But you already know that there are so many more lessons and opportunities out there. :)