Hat Obsession

After watching one of my favorite movies, Pillow Talk starring the lovely Doris Day, I was reminded of my serious obsession with old hats. I use to dream about decorating my future house with them - above a staircase or on a wall. Now, I'm contemplating just wearing them and bringing a little class back into fashion.

Check out these vintage caps I found on Etsy.com:

From jessjamesjake

From buygail

From TheMillineryShop

From WhimsicalRetroStyle

What retro style would you bring back if you were a designer god? (And please, if your answer is shoulder pads, which are apparently making a comeback this season, keep it to yourself.)


That Kind of Girl said...

Drool! I absolutely ADORE vintage hats and fascinators, so I especially love the first pic you posted! Fascinators are definitely my blast-from-the-past style: I make them, and wear them as frequently as I can get away with.

Also love: cameos and round-toed shoes, although those are never strictly out of fashion -- they just have occasional style moments of supernova stature.

Emily said...

oooh! How fun. I would wear the red hat. It's beautiful!

It's not really a fashion, but I would bring back dressing up. People don't dress up for anything anymore. I frequently see jeans in church, and nice restaurants don't really have dress codes anymore. Even today, I am sitting at work in jeans and flipflops.

Sometimes it would be nice to put on a dress and not feel overdressed.

Crys said...

I too adore the red hat!!!