Good News for Cambodian Children

As some of you might know, a huge part of my experience in Cambodia was getting to teach a blog class to the children at A New Day Cambodia. They were a bunch of bright minds who thirsted to learn all they could, and the way they thrived in such a difficult environment was a true inspiration to me.

A few months ago, a German guest speaker at The University of Cambodia asked for the name of a good Cambodian organization because her father wanted to ask his friends to make a donation for his 80th birthday. Of course, I suggested ANDC.

I just received word that the donations have been received by ANDC, totaling more than $6,000! How amazing and generous is that? The money will be put toward tuition to put the children in better schools, which I think couldn't be a better use of the funds. The children's English education, which they receive at the center is better than their Khmer education they receive at local schools. The money will allow them to attain further knowledge in their own culture and give them a chance at a brighter future.

One student, Davy, explains what education means to her and her family in an entry on the children's blog:

My family supports the value of education. They support the value to the knowledgeable people. So, they want me to study hard even if they work very hard for me to study. Even though they are tired, they’ve never complained again and again to me or my brother to hear even one time. I love them too much that they know clearly about the value of education. Education is very necessary to the people over the world to have bright futures and what they want to be when they grow up.

Interested in supporting the kids at ANDC? Start by reading their blog here. For more information about the center, check out the ANDC website here.

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KBrock said...

That's great! That's money well spent to help those kids. They sound adorable on the blog.