Lots of Leavin' Yet to Do

Have you ever had a point in your life where everything you've ever worked for finally began to piece together and things you've always dreamed about were actually realized?

So I've been keeping a little secret. I've been interviewing for two months with the company that I interned with out in California. I've gone through about five different interview steps, each one leading closer and closer to my goal. And today, just about when I wasn't able to take any more suspense - I WAS OFFERED THE JOB!

I'm going to be the web editor on Hobby Farms. My very first real-life, grown-up, bona-fide career move. I'm ecstatic. I've got visions of fun new work outfits and apartments waiting to be decorated swirling around in my head - in addition to, you know, articles to be written and conference calls to be participated in.

Now those of you who know me better than others might be thinking, "Hobby Farms? Really?" (I will have you know, included in my visions of apartments ready to be decorated are potted plants ready to be grown and herb gardens ready to be sown.) Really, though, I know I can do. I've tackled stories about quilt shows, stories about parrots and rats. Heck, I conquered Cambodia! I can't wait to learn all about life on the hobby farm!

Best of all, I can't wait to dig in to the world of online journalism. I'm going to be a tweetiest Twitterer out there. No changes to Facebook formatting can slow me down. I'm going to SEO your socks off!

I finally get to be the independent career woman that I am. YES!!!

In the next couple weeks, I'm going to start packing the boxes and moving all my stuff into a place all my own - in Lexington, Kentucky. If you would have told me a year and a half ago that I'd end up in Kentucky (would you consider that The South?) I would have laughed in your face. Kentucky, no way! But this move feels right. I'll let you in on another little secret. I went apartment shopping last weekend. (I couldn't tell you and jinx the whole thing!)

So here comes my next big adventure. You ready?

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Emily said...

It just goes to show that The Universe has a sense of humor. Who would've thought I would work for a metalworking magazine? Welcome to REAL journalism. It's not what they teach you in J-school...

alison said...

Yay Rachael, congrats again! And I would consider Kentucky to be in the South (of course, I'd also consider Ohio to be in the South). Best of luck!

Anonymous said...
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That Kind of Girl said...

Congratulations, dude! That's amazing! I just discovered your blog, and am looking forward to reading about the momentous changes coming your way! :-)

KBrock said...

Congrats girl!! Do what makes you happy and have fun with it. You still owe me a Chicago visit :-)

Katherine said...


Unknown said...

I work in the same building as Hobby Farms. It's a great group and product.

I moved to Lexington seven years ago for my current employer and have enjoyed it immensely.

Welcome to the Blue Grass and BowTie family!