A Happy Mistake

Hello friends. How was your weekend?

I'm officially moved into my new residency and I can't wait to start exploring the city. (Thanks especially to Eddie D. for the restaurant tips. I love good food!)

After unpacking the U-Haul, I returned to Columbus for one last night. Along the way, my mom and I ended up on the wrong highway. (Yes, this is the pair that got lost in a rice paddy.) Instead of going straight north, we somehow veered en route toward Louisville. Luckily, about 20 minutes into the trip we realized our mistake and discovered via gas station atlas that our wrong turn had hope.

Instead of cruising up the rather boring 71, we got to pass through the state capital and enjoy the scenery of rolling hills, farmland and horses. After the rain of moving day, we welcomed being able to retreat under the Sunday sun through bluegrass country. I also got to learn the difference between Federal-style and Georgian-style architecture. Points!

Here's to a week of further exploration. Enjoy yours as well.

Photo courtesy rainyface

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