Ta Ta For Now

My life is loaded into a 17-foot U-Haul and I'm exhausted. Who knew moving was such hard work. Why do they have to make furniture so awkward and heavy? (Answer: Because we love it that way.) Tomorrow I make the three-hour trip to my new homeland. Hope you have a great weekend and ta ta for now!


KBrock said...

Hope the move went well! My roommate and I got a huge Uhaul and I made her drive the truck the 2.5 hours. I was too scared to drive it, so good for you!

Katherine said...

"homeland".?? you sound like a khmer person

Crys said...

Boo on moving! And even more ... Boo on unpacking!!! :) I too hope that the move went well though. :) Have fun unpacking.

Unknown said...

Welcome to Lexington.

"A" list restaurants (in no alphabetical order):

Atomic Cafe... Caribbean flare in a fun atmosphere and lots of stuff made from scratch;

Pazzo's... Best pizza and beer in town.

Rossi's... Always a fun menu with great food prepared fresh. Excellent patio scene. The place to go after hitting big at Keeneland; and

Seki... sushi. My best friend is Japanese and he said this is the best he's had in the Continental U.S.