Wonderful Weekend

Hello my dears. What have you done with this wonderful last weekend of summer?

Yesterday, I went to the wedding of a friend I've known since elementary school. The ceremony was heartfelt and tailored to the lovely couple and the reception was lots of fun. The bride and groom both studied English in college, so the tables were named according to famous poets. My parents and I sat at the William Butler Yeats table. In order to have the couple kiss, instead of clinking glasses, guests had to read a love poem written by their table's author. How cute! Congrats friends on your special day!

I also continued operation "Furnish New Apartment" this weekend by doing some intense garage sale-ing. I got a perfect reading chair for $15 at an auction and a great deal on a brand new Pottery Barn lamp set. I'm almost ready to move in!

Hope your weekend has been grand as well. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Photo courtesy Benny-Danny


Not That Kind of Girl said...

I love those literature-slanted idea for a wedding! Too cute! My ex's dad is a wedding DJ and he suggests the idea of having guests sing lines from love songs instead of clinking, but I love the poem idea too!

Emily said...

So when is moving day? I can't believe you're almost completely packed up. That was so fast!