Ladies Weekend

Hello all! How did you spend this wonderfully beautiful weekend?

I had an intergenerational ladies weekend with my mom and grandma who traveled from Columbus to Lexington for a visit. Mom brought me a few things I left behind and Grandma "Mam" had to give her stamp of approval of the place. In her words, "This is a nice area you picked, honey. Much more well-kept than Ohio."

We visited a small town between here and Frankfurt called Midway, where we browsed the boutiques and antique shops. Mom bought a hand-painted Santa made of driftwood for her Christmas tree collection. Sunday, we sauntered through The Arboretum. My grandma has a green thumb and I found it to be the perfect spot for running or sitting and writing.

Wrapping up the weekend, we had lunch at Ramsey's Diner, which is quickly becoming my mom's and my favorite Lexington restaurant. Their homegrown veggies are fresh and delicious. Of course, we had to split a piece of chocolate pecan pie from Missey's pie shop next door. To die for!

Enjoy your week! I will for sure.

Photo courtesy CasheeFoo

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That Kind of Girl said...

That sounds like a heavenly, relaxing weekend. Also, I've never heard of chocolate-pecan pie. Hmmm, this might be throwing my Thanksgiving Preferred Pie flow chart way out of whack this year!