Apartment Garland

The process of decorating my apartment is slowly coming together, but the very white walls are still driving me bonkers. I'm five seconds away from buying a bucket of red paint and dumping all over the walls. (Red is so me; white is so yuck!)

But paint is messy, so perhaps I could settle for this garland made from vintage maps. I love the little hearts and the map theme would sweetly complement the big-cities-of-the-world motif that's slowly creeping its way around my living room. (Plus, I think it would still look good with red walls, if my inner painter decided to go a little crazy.)


That Kind of Girl said...

omg, that's SO CUTE! What a great idea!

KBrock said...

I like it!

Crys said...

That's really cute! We printed some nature photos I've taken on hikes and camping trips in sepia tones and framed them. They're almost professional looking. :)