GPS Out, Map In

Do you use a GPS?

It seems to be everyone's new favorite gadget. All my friends have one now, but in my car I won't allow it. On any adventure, getting lost is half the fun. (I should know, I've had many adventures.) All you GPS gurus are robbing yourself and the world of immense amounts of joy with your fancy satellite stalkers.

On a recent roadtrip with my mom, we actually used a map to get from destination to destination. An honest to god, paper between your fingers atlas! Can you believe it?! (It might have even been outdated, only adding to the challenge.) It was like living in 1985 all over again. And you know what, it was really fun!

What techy no-nos top your list when trying to live the retro life?

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That Kind of Girl said...

Daring! I admire your bravery! I'd die without my GPS. (Even though one day I know it's going to turn evil and direct me to a huge bonfire in the middle of the desert. Still, I'll follow it, because, dude, where else was I going to go?)

My retro quirk: I handwash 80% of my clothes Ma Ingalls style in the bathtub, then linedry it inside.

Rachael said...

TKOG: Haha! Now that's brave. I hate laundry day, so when I have to do it by hand...UGH!

Emily said...

What a great post. On a recent road trip to West Virginia, I spent an hour messing with my GPS before I even left because it was not telling me the right way to go. Almost in tears, I drove back home and packed my M.A.P. I had more fun with my MAP than I did with my GPS. To this day, I still prefer the MAP.

TKOG: I still line dry a good amount of all my clothes, too. You're not the only one.

My retro move: I still use handwritten checks and snail mail to pay my bills. I don't do any of that online.

KBrock said...

I need my GPS. I needed it especially when on the road for Jimmy John's and couldn't get lost in strange cities when I needed to be at work on time.

I refuse to get an IPhone.

Unknown said...

Using snail mail to pay bills isn't very green.