Feather Fascinators and Creepy Crawls

How was your Halloweekend? Did you dress up in ghoulish garb? Stuff yourself with tempting treats? Inch your way through a haunted house?

I had a mellow day of the dead. While engaging in some much needed retail therapy with my friend Kristen, I picked up this awesome feather fascinator.

Ok, maybe it's more of a glorified clip. Either way it's fun and I've been craving one to add to my accessories collection.

Once dark hit, we took to the streets on a ghost tour of Lexington. (For some reason I keep finding myself in haunted towns.) In addition to checking out some of the amazing downtown historical architecture, we learned the afterlife residences of Mary Todd Lincoln and other notable apparitions.


Unknown said...

thanks for your comment rachael! joel and i love old homes.. they have so much character! i'm sure one day your dream will become reality :)

by the way, cute feather clip!

Emily said...

How fun. Good buy!

Crys said...

OK, I love that feather! I threw on my college hoodie and went as a broke college student. The neighbors thought it was hilarious.

KBrock said...

I think you can get away with wearing feathers in your hair, but I never could.

Earlier in the day I was working a promotion at a mall and got to give kids candy at the mall, then I enjoyed a house party and dancing at the bars on Halloween. It was fun to do real Halloween away from a college campus!

Laura Lee Bloor said...

Thanks for the NaNoWriMo love! Word count: 0 Day: 2 I'm in trouble!

That's a cute clip -- is it yours? Where do I get one of those?

Unknown said...

Did you see the new fake eyelashes with feathers on them? I saw some in Macy's the other day and I was thinking that feathers are totally taking over this year in the accesory department this year!