The Farm Kitchen That Makes Me Giddy

I think my inner homesteader is shining through. This weekend's adventure brought took me to an old farm house and a pasta-making operation and has left me absolutely giddy and inspired.

Saturday, I traveled up to Chillicothe, Ohio, to hang out with my friends Jess and Matt. While getting to spend time with these two college chums (who are getting married in October!) is always a treat, visiting Jess' family home is the icing on the cake.

Her mother is my hero. This woman (affectionately known as Mama Sko) grows her own food and herbs in a huge front-yard garden, took up professional French cooking as a hobby and recently began a homemade pasta business out of her kitchen -- all with a bit of sass thrown in on the side. A visit to the house never leaves your soul feeling empty, or your stomach either, for that matter. We got to chat about farm kitchens and the possibility of owning chickens and why living (and eating) sustainably is so wonderful.

The weekend was like a little B&B retreat from daily life. I needed it to keep me sane. Sunday morning, we all gathered around the kitchen to chat up about wedding plans that are underway and future marathons we all hope to run, all while watching Mama Sko's pasta-making in action. I can't say I've ever been in an environment that felt so relaxed yet so productive at the same time. I made Mama Sko promise to let me visit again soon and partake in the next demonstration -- home canning.

I felt so inspired by the weekend, I returned home to Lexington, and started my own "homemade" operation -- homemade Christmas candies. (They are amaretto truffles and they are delicious!) My 24 truffles don't quite compare the high volumes of pasta coming out of that old farmhouse in Chillicothe, but it's a good start for a novice like myself.

Did your weekend bring you any adventures -- even of the homestead variety?


Unknown said...

that is SO cool!! it sounds like the life to me! i'd love to learn to make pasta.

i've never made truffles before.. seems like it'd be hard! sounds yummy though.

hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!!

Carola said...

Greetings from Italy

Bookworm said...

Just realize that you have left Cambodia! Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Crys said...

I want her garden! My dream is to one day to be able to have a thriving garden so I don't have to go and buy veggies or greens for dinner.

Rachael said...

Megs - It was an awesome trip! My goal is also to learn how to make homemade goods. The truffles were easy - you can find the recipe here: http://www.hobbyfarms.com/food-and-kitchen/amaretto-truffles.aspx

Carola - Welcome!

Bookworm - Yes, I'm back in the U.S. How are things at UC?

Crys - That's my dreams also. This year I will be planting my indoor herb garden. We'll see how that goes.