Wednesday Love

I love when hand towels are so insightful, don't you?

On that note, it's my no-TV Wednesday, so I'm going to go no-poo my hair (yes, tonight is the night), make myself some tea and catch up on my magazine reading. I've got no chocolate, so grandma's homemade caramels will have to do.

How is mid-week treating you?


Emily said...

Today has been a really good day: hotwings and beer with a friend tonight. I love those kinds of nights. I also recieved the best compliment I've gotten in awhile. My friend stopped for a minute and he said, "Emily, you seem really happy. The past couple of times we've hung out, you just haven't seemed happy, but something is different this time."

I guess this means my take-charge, little life changes are starting to pay off. Like your procrastination post talked about, you should just start doing things instead of waiting for "some day."

Crys said...

I've seriously thought that today was Thursday. I'm in need of a refreshing night away from the life of chaos. I love that handtowel though. Isn't it funny how sometimes the most random little things can open your eyes or inspire you?