A Somber Season

I've decorated the tree. I've wrapped the gifts. I've experienced the craziness of the Lexington mall. I've made candy and played Christmas carols and watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas." And as I write this, I'm bundled up under my fleece blanket. I am spirited as much as the next person, yet it feels as though the spirit of the season is missing. Why?

Please don't tell me that the tradition of Christmas dies with your childhood. That all the magic that comes with drinking hot cocoa and opening gifts and seeing houses decorated with twinkle lights fades aways because we get old. I won't hear of it.

Perhaps this is one of those 20-something rights of passage. You get a job and move away from your loved ones. Thus, you must suffer a year of being "the new kid in town" -- and live out all the lonely trivialities that entails. Or perhaps it's the consequences of working so hard and not realizing how quickly the time is passing.

I've still got joy in my heart, though (not to sound canned or cheesy) so perhaps the spirit will pop its head around my corner soon. There's still 9 days left.

Are you feeling Christmas this year? What are you doing to get in the spirit?

Photo thanks: trackchick

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Another picture I just LOVE!

We still haven't put up our tree. I feel bummed out about it. We had planned on doing it this weekend but we are snowed in and we get a real tree.

This Christmas seems like something is a little off. I am not sure what it is though.