Writing Workshop: Life Mottoes

I'm so happy to have stumbled upon Mama Kat's blog. Ten minutes into reading, and I'm already inspired to take my writing and my blogging to the next level. I'm also excited she posts a writing workshop every week for fellow bloggers to take part in. I'd really love to take part in intensive writer's workshop, but because I can't commit to something that deep right now, this is perfect.

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I've been thinking all day about what I would consider my life's motto, but all I've been able to think of are these overly circulated quotes. They are little half truths, like Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. and Patience is a virtue. and Provide for those who have less than you.

I'll admit, these can be good words to live by. Often, I'll repeat some version of them to myself in little mantras to get me through tough days or keep me pointed down the right path.

What I've come to realize, though, is that all the life mottoes I've previously lived by (including some of the above and many others) are beginning lose their potency and are swirling together to create these new mottoes that I haven't quite been able to put into words yet. Instead of "life mottoes," they are more like "life mottoes, but..."

Let me give you some examples.

Life Motto, But... No. 1
In the end, things will work out as they're supposed to, but... realize the wait will make you crazy. In the meantime, you have to take action. As I've found out, things usually do work out alright in the end, but it's the anguish and struggle of getting to where you're supposed to be that builds your character and makes the end result so beautiful.

Life Motto, But... No. 2 Do what makes you happy, but... make sacrifices for others. One thing I learned while living in a developing country was that you can't help others until your needs are met as well. But on the flip side, going over and beyond what you should for another person, especially when it's trying on you, brings a sort of fulfillment and joy that is hard to find anywhere else.

Life Motto, But... No. 3 Enjoy the ride of life, but... know where you are going. Sure, it's great to get in the car with only a map in hand, and getting lost can be fun, but only if you have some destination you plan to make it to. What's the point in getting in the car if you aren't going anywhere?

I've got more of these quasi-mottos (not to be confused with Quasimodos) swinging around my brain, contradicting each other and making me ask "What is the rule I live by?" I could share more with you, but like I said, I'm not ready to put them in words right now. If you say, "That defeats the purpose of this writing workshop," then I say, "It's my blog."

I do what I want. (but... not if it's going to hinder the longevity of our conversation.)

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Unknown said...

I love your mottos : ) Good advice for all : ) It can be fun to get lost once in a while, but it is good to at least know what your final destination will be, right?

I LOVE the picture you have posted with your wise words. Wonderful! I hope you will keep joining. It is so fun to get to know new bloggers and read their ideas and see their images! Wonderful!