2010 Vision

I've officially surpassed the three-month mark in Lexington. I can finally stop pinching myself - the things I wanted to happen in my life have come true. Reality has kicked in (but in a good way).

My favorite part about being here - and planning to be here for awhile - is that I can really dig into life. I'm completely goal driven, and the past couple years I've had to put many of my dreams and ambitions on hold because I'd yet to find my little niche in the world. It was excruciating!

So now that I'm here, I'm excited to be able to put all my life goals on paper and start making them happen. Here's a little peek into my 2010 Vision:

1. Improve my writing. I'm going to start with Mama Kat's weekly writing workshop and begin exploring my possibilities for more intensive practice. I'm also going to read more - because lots of reading makes for better writing. And I'm going to make sure I get to write for me. This is a delicate balance when a lot of what I write is for the job.

2. Spend more time in nature. When I catch a case of the Saturday boredoms, I have a nasty habit of running to the laptop or the TV or the mall. I miss the days of playing outside from sun up to sun down, so I'm going to make it a point to get out of the house - maybe to the UK Arboretum or one of the surrounding parks. I only wish the snow would stop so I could start this one today.

3. Train for a half marathon.
And run 5Ks and 10Ks more frequently. And contemplate my first full marathon. (And get better shoes.)

4. Play music. I used to play flute and music was a big part of my life. I miss the emotional connection and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, so I'm seeking an outlet that will get my fingers moving again.

5. Develop spiritually. This one is so hard to do when life isn't consistent, so I'm excited for this. I found a church I really like, so I plan to join a Bible study so I can discuss my faith and learn from others.

6. Give back. So much of what I do is for me. What's the point of being somewhere and having a community if you aren't helping others? I'm getting started on this pronto, as I'm starting my training this month with Bluegrass Literacy. But I'm also keeping my ears perked for other community projects.

7. Learn to garden.
I've got my apartment herb garden started, but I want to learn to do more to grow bigger things - like green beans, spinach and potatoes. I'd love to get plugged into a community garden, but I wouldn't even know what to do with a plot of land if I had it. I need to seek out expert advice.

8. Waste less. This one is such a struggle. I recycle and drink from a reusable water bottle, but I know there's more I can do. Buy products with less packaging (like at the farmers' market!), shop consignment, open windows (for natural light and natural air), walk instead of drive. Baby steps are starting now.

9. Buy a bike. (To help me accomplish No. 2, 3 and 7.) What can I say, bikers are cool and I want to be cool. (Plus, I miss my Cambodian bike with bell and basket.)

10. Decorate that white wall. I have this one large, nearly empty wall in my apartment that is throwing the whole living space off balance. I cannot let it sit that way for too much longer before doing something - anything!

11. Focus on my career. I had the college portion of my life. I had the lost puppy part of my life. I had (and hope to have more of) the exploration part of my life. Right now is definitely the career part of my life. I like it. I want to get better at it.

*Disclaimer: This documentation of life goals is by no means a set of new year's resolutions. It is a constantly evolving list that reflects the author's willingness to foster a consistent and sustainable lifestyle. The author of these goals reserves the right to add to them at any time and will suffer no repercussions if certain goals are not met. Thank you. :)

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Giovanna said...

i love this "vision." i'm right there with you. i'd like to buy a bike this year too.

Emily said...

What a great list. I'm glad you're thinking about playing your flute again. I haven't picked mine up since college really. It's just sitting there waiting...

Unknown said...

The trouble with joining a Bible study group at a church is you don't discuss YOUR faith, you discuss THEIR faith.

BowTie was going to have a garden between the storm drain and parking lot behind its Lexington office. I can't imagine why that never took off...

Rachael said...

Thanks all for your encouragement! So far this month is off to a good start! :)