Joyful Energy

Have you ever been completely energized off life?

I'm in a wonderful place right now - emotionally speaking - and for no particular reason whatsoever. It feels like the whole world is being illuminated by the morning's first rays of sunshine - golden and warm - combined with the thrill of jumping as high as you possibly can on a trampoline. It's completely delightful and freeing! I can't wait to see what the next minute brings.

Plus, I can't believe we're already halfway through January. Spring must be right around the corner, right? (Maybe this is just wishful thinking.) Perhaps it's a bit early for an update, but I've gotten a running start on my 2010 Vision. I've:

  • Officially started training for my half marathon. (#3) So far, I can run a good 4 miles. I'm meeting with the training group at the gym on Sunday, and better yet, I met a friend who is training for her first half. Yay for running buddies!

  • Had my first tutoring session with Bluegrass Literacy. (#6) I was placed in a GED class instead of with an ESL student as I had hoped, but it worked. I'm happy helping where I'm needed until other opportunities arise.

  • Planted my squash and aroma therapy herbs. (#7) Time to find containers for the rest of my culinary herbs.

  • Found a yummy New Orleans-style restaurant and enjoyed my first taste of authentic cajun/creole cuisine. (Ok, this isn't officially part of my vision, but when is new, good food NOT a good idea?)

  • What good things are happening in your life this week?

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