Hippie-Chic Evening

Happy Monday! Did you get the day off for MLK Day or did you, like me, have to suffer the typical mundane Monday?

After a fairly uneventful start to the week, this chick is happy to be home enjoying a relaxing hippie-chic evening. After winding down with some yoga, I stirred up some homemade hummus and am settling down with a cup of tea. It's the blooming tea I got for Christmas. Check it out:



It's oh so delicious. (And pretty!)

Ok, time to cuddle up with some Pride and Prejudice. Have a lovely evening!


Emily said...

Tea and reading. That's my kind of evening!

That Kind of Girl said...

Ooooh, that's gorgeous! But can it possibly taste as good as it looks?!

Unknown said...

sounds like the perfect evening! i've never seen tea like that before - so pretty!

Rachael said...

It IS delicious! (And way prettier than my camera will allow.)