Home from the Holidays

Hello friends! I'm back from the holidays. I can't believe how fast they came and went. To sum things up:

  • It was great to see family and friends!

  • The lasagna dinner, while not optimal, was not so bad.

  • Favorite gift of the year: a toss up between the aroma therapy herb garden and a new coffee pot.

  • Most hilarious gift of the year: golf balls hand-delivered by Santa himself reading "For a good time, call 1-800-97-TIGER."


  • Sipped hot nuts and played Catch Phrase with friends on New Year's Eve.

  • Started off 2010 with a polar bear plunge.

  • The Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl.

  • Now the tree is down and the 9-degree weather makes me want to hide under my covers and hibernate the rest of the winter.

    How were your holidays?


    Laura Lee Bloor of Tenacious Me said...

    Yay! Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl! Glad to hear your holidays were good -- mine, too.

    Unknown said...

    What are hot nuts?

    Rachael said...

    Hot nuts is a cozy drinking experience. Coffee and hazelnut amaretto. Yummm. :)