Be My Inspiration?

I'm sick. It's snowing. I'm sick of being sick. And I'm sick of it being snowy.

Now, there's a situation that makes it hard to find inspiration in life.

With all this sickness and snowiness, the creativity part of my brain machine (as well as the part that turns words into sentences) has turned idle. Being sick - last week with the flu (ew!) and this week with the start of a cold - has zapped me of all energy. Plus, we're moving into the dog days of winter (if there's not such a thing there is now) and man are they long! (This coming from the girl who hadn't felt temperatures under 45 degrees F for about two years.) As I sit here and stare at the inside of my little hibernation cave, I'm craving something that will reignite my zeal for life.

Maybe this is just a big ol' pitty party, or maybe I need some outside help. Where do you turn for inspiration when the winter is just too long? Tell me please!

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Laura Lee Bloor said...

Of course I'll be your inspiration! So you're sick, eh? Sorry to hear that. But if you're sick, that means you have plenty of time in bed or on the couch to contemplate the big questions in life:
What is motivating your actions (when you're well)? Why did you create the certain goals or resolutions you did? How are you doing on them? What steps can you take to make progress or achieve your goals? What change can you embody that you want to see in the world? Who can you turn to for mentoring? Help? Support?

alison said...

Might I suggest embracing winter instead of hiding from it? Put on some warm clothes and a cute hat and go for a walk. If you can get to a wooded area, all the better. Forests are BEAUTIFUL when it's snowing!
Hot tea or hot chocolate in a thermos can make the trip that much better :).

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Rachael said...

Thanks ladies for your wonderful food for thought!

Laura~ I like the questions you pose, especially "Who can you turn to for mentoring?" That's a question I haven't thought about much and perhaps I should.

Alison~ Here I have been moping about wanting to get outdoors, and completely forgot to think about the obvious. Who said it has to be spring to enjoy the out of doors?? Of course, I'm not much of a cold-weather person, but I do have some boots and snow pants that could use some dusting off, and the thermos idea is fantastic!