Fat Tuesday

While jesters are off in far-off lands dancing and bartering for beads, I'm snuggling in at home and enjoying my own Mardi Gras indulgence. On tonight's menu: buckwheat pancakes and pure maple syrup.

I'm usually a buttermilk pancake and maple-FLAVORED syrup girl, but this is Fat Tuesday, after all. Sometimes you just gotta let loose. The verdict on my meal-time adventures for this week:

Pure Maple Syrup = 2 (sticky) thumbs up
Buckwheat Pancakes = Maybe I can barter the leftover mix for some beads

While I thought the whole wheat, no trans fat and high fiber would be a healthier alternative to the Fat-Tuesday fare, it turns out if you're going to do fat, you should just do fat. After pancakes that tasted a bit like cardboard (OK, maybe I could get used to them), I'm still craving a bit of fluffiness in my stacks.

The maple syrup, on the other hand, was quite the welcome adventure for my tongue. As a fan of maple sugar candies, I'm not sure why I've never given this condiment a try, but I'm glad to start now.

How crazy did you get for Mardi Gras this year?


KBrock said...

I was working, but a lot of the girls brought treats in for Valentines Day and today, so we had our share of sweets in the back to make the day go by faster!

Emily said...

Crud. I forgot that yesterday was Fat Tuesday. For some reason I thought it was on Thursday... As you can tell, I didn't exactly revel in the day.

Crys said...

Mmmm. Pure maple syrup warmed up is really divine.