Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day and people's hearts are all aflutter. Roses and chocolates and fancy dinners and greeting cards covered in little red hearts seem to consume people during this holiday. But when you strip away all the gunk, it's supposed to be about one thing: Love.

Love is a tricky thing and not as easy to come by as Hollywood likes us to think, so in the docu-movie Paper Heart, comedian/songwriter Charlyne Yi (Jodi in Knocked Up) goes on a quest across the country to figure out why she's incapable of finding it. She travels the U.S. talking to fellow comedians and regular people about what love means to them and listens to their love stories.

This playground interview is my favorite. Little David (who hopes to fall in love with a smart girl, one day) points out that some people are quick to give their heart away. But fortunately, someone can return that love back to them and they can live happily ever after. (Kids are so insightful, don't you agree?)

The movie (which now tops my favorites list, as I'm a sucker for good rom-com) has a semi-happy twist. Comedic cutie Michael Cera (Superbad and Juno) falls for Charlyne, giving the audience hope that if true love might find even her, true love will one day find them as well.

Tell me, is true love out there? How do you know when you find it?

(P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!)

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