I'm Back ... For Now ... With T-Shirts

Well, hello old friends! I have been gone for a long while. I looked at the calender and I couldn't believe we've already hit spring! I'm so excited for the change of season, but time is moving so fast.

Long story short, I've been absent because life got a bit crazy. And by life, I mean work. I love what I do and it's a lot of fun, but this month has kept me quite busy. I'm lucky if I cross the threshold to my apartment without passing out.

Luckily, tonight I have a little extra burst of energy. So what do I do? Shop for fun t-shirts online, of course. These would totally make up my wardrobe if only every day were casual day:

(I can't stop giggling.)


Emily said...

The top one is my favorite. Yes, I am a nerdy journalist.

That Kind of Girl said...

These are brilliant! I especially love "let's curdle"!

Rachael said...

Dear TKOG,

That one's my favorite, too!

Laura Lee Bloor said...

I love the shirts -- the race for something ... like maybe Africa is my favorite!