Itching to Garden

My blueberry bush arrived this weekend! It's a cute little guy with dainty green branches. Although it's young, it appears to be healthy.

I'm trying to figure out how to care for my new charge. From what I've read, blueberry bushes are difficult to grow in containers because their roots spread wide and they've got a fickle thirst. (You can't water them too much and you can't water them too little.) But blueberries in pots have been grown before, and because container gardening is my only option at the moment, I must give it a try.

Sometime this week, I need to go buy it dirt. This is intimidating, and I chickened out on doing it this weekend. Blueberries need acidic soil high in organic matter. I read a blueberry-growing tutorial that suggested mixing peat moss with homemade compost, but in my little space with limited resources, a pre-mixed bag from the local gardening center will have to do. Until recently, I didn't realize that dirt wasn't merely dirt, so I've got to mentally prepare myself for some intensive label-reading.

Hopefully, with a dose of TLC on my part and a nudge of beginners luck, my berries will be flourishing in no time. My gardening itch has hit full force. I'm impatiently waiting for consistently warm weather so I can work on figuring out the rest of my apartment garden.


That Kind of Girl said...

Eee! The adventures of the domesticated blueberry bush! I'm excited to (hopefully) follow the upcoming tales of your gardening success!

alison said...

haha, don't be intimidated by soil. the peat moss holds water so your plant can access it as needed (taking some of the worry of over-watering out of the picture) and the compost adds nutrients and also helps with water regulation. Pretty much you want soil that crumbles when you hold it and smells really good. AND, you CAN compost in an apartment with no smell and no mess: http://waste.greenventure.ca/vermicomposting
happy blueberry-ing!

Rachael said...

Alison ~ I know! I really want to start composting! I've seen some really cute little composters but I think something more homemade might be the way to go. You need to come to Lexington and help me get started!

TKOG ~ No worries, more blueberry adventures are on the way! :)