Craving the Craft

I have never considered myself a crafty person. Sure, every once in a while a bit of inspiration will strike. I’ll dabble in watercolors, and once, I used ribbon and a canning jar to make a toothbrush holder. But in general, crafts don’t have the relaxing effect on me like they do other people.

Because of this known fact about myself, it’s beyond fathom why I can’t shake this idea that I need to make something. Perhaps the inspiration comes from my co-worker, who sewed 20 adorable stuffed donkeys for her son’s birthday party. Or maybe from my best friend, who excitedly declared she bought her first sewing machine. Or maybe from lovely blogging ladies, like Alison Wonderland and Meg’s Musings, who boast their creative creations.

Whatever the reason, the craft bug has hit me hard. And I really don’t know what to do with myself!

Even if I wanted to make something on my own, I can tell you right now it would be a disaster. Or at the very least, I'd get frustrated and quit mid-project. It’s times like this, I wish I had my mom nearby. I’ve been sending her photos of fun necklaces I want to make (like those made from fabric roses), and she sits down in an afternoon and figures out how to do it.

I also came across these really free patterns for these adorable dresses. Oh, how I want to make one! But the last time I touched a needle and thread was when I made a pillow in 8th grade Home Ec class.

What’s a girl to do?

Do you have any tips for a craft-challenged chica who wants to start sewing?

Photo thanks!


alison said...

Thanks for the link!

You might appreciate this blog

Even the craftiest of people have their moments... :).

Laura said...

I think you need to find some friends and have a crafternoon. Get together and you can all work on the same project (ideally with someone who knows what they are doing in charge) or you can start simply by making greeting cards. Good luck!

p.s. found you on 20something bloggers.

Quinn W said...

Hey Rachael! Popping over from 20sb. If you feel the impulse to create, just start doing something. Use the same process you do when you blog and then jump right in. It's all a process of creation...the medium and tools just change.

When I first started sewing I took a simple class at Joann's Fabrics on how to use a machine. Then I became a sewing snowflurry, until I started selling a few things along. You never know what will come if you just dive in!