Friendship: Mm Mmmm Good

Hello, darlings. How is your weekend treating you so far?

Lucky me, my longest best friend is visiting from back home. (We've been friends for more than 17 years, and when we met, we didn't speak the same language. Can you believe it!?) We're getting in some long-overdue QT together, and I get to share my home with her. It's wonderful! Today we:

  • Danced the Samba
  • Ate a hot brown and pie at a local diner
  • Drove through horse country
  • Went grocery shopping at the local co-op
  • Reminisced about the past and the future
  • Wore cute aprons while cooking risotto

We've been laughing all day because we are so different from each other. She is a very energetic and overly ambitious, while I'm more laid back and contemplative. But we're both driven and goal-oriented, and man, do we like to eat (and eat well)! That, I think, is the key to our long-lasting friendship.

Have you spent time with your BFF lately? What do you do together?

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