Repercussions to overcome

July 23, 2007 (Day 6)
Queenstown, New Zealand

I feel utterly and completely miserable! The whole falling 12,000 km through freezing air at terminal velocity thing has messed up my system. I slept 10 hours last night and managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to take a shower and pop a migraine pill before falling asleep for an additional 45 minutes. I feel as though my body has been run through the wringer and my cough is unforgiving. Somehow I managed to get up long enough to meet Kathryn for lunch, but I had to come back to the lodge and sleep for another three hours. I don’t mean to bore you with the details of my ailments, but this is really going to cramp tonight’s plans of jumping off a cliff. (It is, after all, the adventure capital of the world.)

Last night, while still doing well, we visited Minus Five, an ice bar. Pretty much just a lame tourist attraction, it was like waling into a really fancy freezer, decked out in walls of ice sculptures and deer skin thrones. I happily sipped my vodka-laced mixed beverage out of an ice cup and then called it a night.

We’ll see how this Ledge Swing thing goes tonight. Updates to come…

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