$5 Cambodian Do

Last night my wavy curls and I braved the Asian hair salon. My Vietnamese stylist worked on my locks with the intensity and stubbornness of an artist, not quite wanting to heed my advice of "only a few inches of the ends" and "don't cut much off the bangs." Although my new do has it's soccer-momish qualities, for $5, it's not bad. I've definitely had worse, like the lady who cut stair steps into my hair when I asked for layers or the buzzed bob I got when I asked for a mere trim. When I straighten my do, it looks alright, but I'm a little apprehensive of leaving it curly.

My friend Pauline, who has extremely curly hair, also took the risk and didn't get the results she hoped for. The stylist insisted on cutting her hair wet (a big no-no for springy curls) and then took three inches off her top layer when she only wanted a little trim. Nonetheless, she left the salon with a tear in her eye. I completely sympathize. (I cried for a week over the buzzed bob.)


Crys said...

Not too bad for 5 dolla!!!

KBrock said...

I don't think it looks soccer mom-ish at all. Cute!