Let Those Who Say It Best...

This week has been a downhill in the roller coaster that is Khmer life, thus my blog posting has suffered. I feel the need to give you lovely readers some good Cambodian perspective so please read this post by my friend Alison (who sadly left us to return to Canada). She says more eloquently than I ever could the emotions I've been feeling this week.


Crys said...


I know that feeling ... I felt it all too well when I was out in Michigan. If anything, when you do come back, you'll have a whole new perspective on life and that alone will help you to grow.

alison said...

hey! you met my coffee lady? the one at haras? that's so cool!

but i hope you're not feeling to lonely, you're not alone, regardless of how you may feel.

It's good to be home, but I do miss the coffee... and my friends of course!