Mother/Daughter Cambodian Tour

Hello friends. Did you have a happy 4th of July? I celebrated America with Columbus' Red, White and Boom fireworks (the largest in the Midwest they say) on Friday and saw the parade and barbeque on Saturday. Jet lag still rules my life, but I've finally had a chance to transfer some photos from camera to computer. Enjoy a taste of my mom's and my trip through Cambodia.

Mom's first moto ride. Doesn't she look nervous?

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

Trying to play some Cambodian music.
Last day with kids at ANDC.
Ankor Wat at sunrise.
Apsara carvings at Ankor Wat.

America's Next Top Model? Probably not.
Ancient temple carvings.
Ta Prohm temple.
Picking noses at Bayon. hehe.
Mountain top view of the temples at sunset.
Apsara dance show in Siem Reap town.
Phnom Penh's best fried noodles with Sokleak and Lakana.

Relaxing at Rabbit Island.

Mom's first taste of durian. Stinky!

Cruising the river in Kampot.

Kayaking at sunset in Kampot.

Touring the mangroves.

Hot and disoriented after getting lost in a rice paddy, we finally made it to the mountain. (Thanks to a little help from the locals.

Lizard taking a rest in the monkey god's mouth at Udong.


KBrock said...

You look so much like your mom!

Branden said...

Very cool!

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Glad you both are home safe, looks like your Mom really enjoyed herself.