My Night Off

Since moving back home, it's been a rarity to have the house all to myself. Tonight the family is away on one last hoorah before the end of summer, so my company tonight is all me. I gladly welcome the chance to walk around the house as I please, but I've yet to decide what to do with myself tonight. The options I'm considering are catching up on my reading (I'm sorely lagging in Love and Longing in Bombay that my friend lent me more than a month ago) or trying out this new recipe for lavender biscuits. Or maybe I'll just leave the house to itself and have coffee with a friend.

What do you like to do with your precious alone time?

Photo courtesy sfgirlbybay


Crys said...

I curl up with the cats, some ice cream or cheesecake and veg out with a good book or TV show :)

Sokleak said...

For as usual...Hang out with friend, have ice cream at Lucky Burger, watch Movie w/ roommate...shopping at night market lol :p