It's Not Easy Being... You

In his book "It's Not Easy Being Green," Kermit the Frog (a.k.a. Jim Henson) writes a list of good things about being a frog:

  • Being green
  • Sitting in the sun on a lily pad
  • Having thousands of brothers and sisters
  • Going to the hop
  • Playing leapfrog
  • Having bears and pigs and dogs and chickens as your friends
  • Getting kissed by princesses hoping to turn you into a handsome prince

As we have all learned one time or another, sometimes it can be tough to be you. But despite all the obstacles, you have to list the good points about the person you are. Here's my list of good things about being the new girl in town:

  • Getting to ask a lot of questions
  • Making each day a new adventure
  • Doing yoga on Sunday and Wednesday nights
  • Having great friends who are willing to make the drive
  • Growing an herb garden in my windowsill (soon!)
  • Finding time to write for me and no one else
  • Seeing possibilities in every opportunity

Who are you and what is your list of good things about being you?

Photo courtesy justina-m


Crys said...

I'll get back to you on that list. :) That's going to take some time and brain power.

I like your list though for sure!

Unknown said...

I saw your comment at Nina's about loving the wallpaper and I came over to say hi! : )