Nose Nuisance

Since I've moved into my Lexington nest, I haven't been able to shake that new-apartment smell of painted walls and steam cleaned carpet. It's so stale and impersonal. I've tried lighting candles and baking brownies (a dangerous method), but my olfactory just doesn't feel quite at home yet.

There are two places in my apartment, however, where the smells are delightful:

The first, my linen closet. This is where I keep my laundry detergent and dryer sheets, and every time I open the closet door, I'm overwhelmed with that fresh and flowery laundry scent. It's pretty.

The second, my spice cabinet. I love cooking, so going beyond the usual salt and pepper is a must. I keep oregano, basil, paprika, rosemary, thyme and fresh garlic and ginger. I even have lavender and more chili powder than I know what to do with. (Can you guess what is on the menu this winter?) I love opening that cabinet to the delicious aroma of spices. (It's much preferred to opening the trash cabinet.)

In the meantime, the rest of my place smells blah. Help please!

Photo courtesy Elipa


That Kind of Girl said...

Mull some wine or apple cider! Even if the smell doesn't linger, it's a delightful way to make your house smell heavenly for at least a few hours.

Plus, boozey goodness afterwards doesn't hurt either! (Unless, I guess, you or one of your guests voms afterwards? Which kind of negates the olfactory feel-goods created by the mulling process...)

Emily said...

I know this is a lot of work, but have you actually deep cleaned the place instead of just covering up the smell? Try washing the walls and shampooing the carpet. That should get rid of the gross "someone else lived here" stench.

Rachael said...

Em - The place smells clean - freshly painted walls and steam cleaned carpet. It's just too clean... the homey smells won't stick.

TKOG - Good call on the cider. I have a new recipe cideRIESLING I'm dying to brew. :)

Crys said...

Have you looked into reed diffusers or something glade stuff? Maybe you can accidentally spill some cider on the carpet? Ha ha. Kidding!!!

Unknown said...

I got this wonderful room spray from Yankee Candles called Macintosh Apples and I spray it all year long : ) Good luck!

I love how our laundry cabinet smells too. So so delightful!