Nature's Mood Booster

This morning, as I walked out of the door of my tiny apartment, ready to face the day, I found no surprise in the fact that it was a little cold. It's been a little cold (you know, just a tad) since the calender page turned to November. Used to the winter routine, I pulled on my gloves, wrapped my scarf tight and headed out to start the car.

When I stepped out from under the awning, I was stunned with the inundation of a bright and shining light beaming down from the heavens.

"God, is that you?" I asked. "Am I dying?"

I listened for a response. Nothing.

I squinted and made awkward, scrunchy faces and tried to duck behind the shield of my arms. I fiddled in my bag for my sunglasses, but no such luck. They lay on the dashboard of the car. Finally, after a few seconds my eyes adjusted to the glare and I realized the true source of this unexpected luminosity.

"It's the sun!" I cried from the depths of my soul, celebrating in its splendor, and fist-pumping the air for good measure. "The world is mine to conquer!"

Stopping for only a short moment to bask in the glory of this first sign of spring, off to conquer the day (and the world) I went.

*Disclaimer: The author of this blog might have gotten a little carried away in her excitement to see the sunshine on a morning in early March. While the story does reflect her true emotion, it's probably a safe bet that she did not cry out from the depths of her soul, as her neighbors might have called the police. However, it's possible she imagined herself giving the air a small fist-pump in celebration of this happy occasion.

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Emily said...

haha. This is great. I was glad to see the sun yesterday (and today!) too. I was "the annoyingly chipper" person in the office. And I'm okay with that!