On A Melodic Note

I'm so excited to share with you that I'm finally beginning to get music back in my life. I don't mean this metaphorically. I don't mean that I turned on the Top 40 station and sung along. I mean I'm literally playing music again! It's (almost) beautiful.

The last time I picked up my flute and let my fingers flutter across its little keys was ... well, to tell you the truth, I can't remember the last time I did this. I'd forgotten the feeling of breathing life into the inanimate object and having a soft and sweet melody flow from the end. Of traveling up and down the staff in smooth waves. Of holding a note, long and mellow, and letting it stretch across the room. It takes your mind from the harshness of everyday life to somewhere more blissful and perfect.

Although I'm a bit rusty (my fingers don't quite have the same precision about them that they did 5 years ago), I'm happily surprised at how I can easily I can fall into the rhythm of a tune. Even after I've put my instrument asleep for the night, I find myself dancing around the apartment to hymns and sonatas.

I'm a person who appreciates all kinds of music, but the classic melodies played on woodwinds bring a certain spirit into the room that no other genre can. They are so rich - full of meaning, joy and life. I'm so happy to allow this into my life again.

Do you play an instrument (or did you)? Which one?


Bex said...

Good for you! I used to play clarinet and piano, but that was ages ago and I was never very good. I would give anything to have true musical talent. Keep it up!

Crys said...

I love music. Too bad I don't have the ability to play a musical instrument. I've always been a fan of the cello and the violin though. Beautiful!