I've Been Tagged

Mmmm, is this blogging spam? I don't know but it could be fun. I've been "tagged" by my friend Mike (author of Daddy's Boys) to list the 5 things I'm thankful for and 7 things about myself. I suppose I can treat this as sort of a mid-Cambodia self-reflection. So here ya go...

5 Things I'm Thankful For

5. My family, friends, and readers of my blog who stand behind me and support my crazy decisions like moving halfway across the world.
4. The opportunity to continue learning about the world and myself outside the constraints of a formal education.
3. My health.
2. Being from a country where I was free to pursue my dreams and did not have to live in poverty.
1. Delicious coffee from Vietnam. (I had to throw something a little less serious in there, but it's truly a life saver.)

7 Things About Myself
7. I LOVE eating new and weird food.
6. I caught the travel bug and will do almost anything to cross a destination off "my list."
5. Country line dancing is my new favorite hobby (and unfortunately, non-existent in Phnom Penh).
4. Thunderstorms at night make me happy. Flooding rooms do not.
3. Autumn is my favorite season and I miss it terribly.
2. I'm a sucker for chick flicks.
1. I'm scared of heights, but that hasn't stopped me from making risky jumps.

Yes, I'm going to perpetuate this new form of chain letter. Kathryn and Crystal, why don't you have a go?


KBrock said...

I think I'm going to wait awhile to do a mid-always on the road exploring the USA for Jimmy John's- self reflection. I don't think I can reflect on much after a month in Michigan besides being thankful the rest of the US doesn't have such stupid roads.

Tom said...

Hey, not sure if this works but hope you are having a great time!